Artifacts of
Captain Augustus F. Davis

Captain Augustus Fredrick Davis was born July 30, 1840 in Amite County, Mississippi, where his father, Lawrence Edwin Davis, taught school and married one of his students, Elizabeth Pinah Huff, Oct. 15, l839.

At age 19 Capt. Davis was married to Julia Reynolds of Amite County on Nov. 15, l859. They were the parents of nine children.

He enlisted on Aug. 26, l861 under Capt. N. L. Huff's Quitman Rifles (later to become Company K, 7th. Regiment, Mississippi Infantry.)

He was wounded at the Battle of Shiloh in l862 and again at the Battle of Chickagauga in 1863.

He was promoted to Captain in l863 and remained loyal to the cause until the end of the war. He is listed on the last roll call of the regiment.

After the war, Capt. Davis operated a merchantile business in Natchez and later in Roxie, where he died April 22, l897. He is buried there alongside his wife.

A Confederate Memorial Service was held for him in 2003. Visit our "Gravesites" page to see a photo of that service.

  • Medal photo courtesy of Della Davis Dawkins, great-granddaughter of Capt. Davis.

  • Sword photo courtesy of Anita McNeeley Thomas, great-granddaughter of Capt. Davis.

  • Biographical sketch compiled by Charles Dawkins and Temple Davis.

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To view a picture of Captain Davis and his wife, and to read his letters home and as well as his diary, please visit Jay Hasting's excellent website. Jay's Family Tree

UCV Reunion Medals of Captain A.F. Davis
Worn in pride by the veterans themselves to many United Confederate Veterans reunions this is, to our knowledge, the only existing reunion medal for the 7th Mississippi Volunteer Infantry.

Captain Davis Swords

Notice the intials "W.A.T." stamped on the artilley/Non-Commisioned officer style sword. These initials are probably the initials of the U.S. Armory Inspector, William Anderson Thornton. A researcher contacted about the initials stated he has seen his inspection initials on swords as early as 1843 and as late as 1859, so the date could be either 1847 or 1857.

We will post more information about the swords and medals as it can be compiled and confirmed.

Captain Davis Swords

Captain Davis Swords