Meet The Webmaster

My name is Jamie Roberts and I am a great-grandson of a veteran of the 7th Mississippi Volunteer Infantry. How did that happen you say? My great-grandfather, John Franklin Roberts was a member of the 7th Miss. infantry. Being widowed after the war he remarried in 1888! What's more the lady was over 32 years younger than he. She was also from Amite County. In fact, her father Pvt. Richard Chaddick had served beside my great-grandfather in Company C and won the Confederate Medal of Honor for his actions at the battle of Murfreesboro. My grandfather was born in 1892, and at age 29 his wife gave him a son, my father. I was born in 1961. So, you see, I am twice a son of the 7th Mississippi. This page is dedicated to my two great-grandfathers and other relatives who served in the "Immortal 7th".

My Confederate family tree is an ongoing process for me and I am prone to error but if you are interested you can view my summary of all my relatives. This is a "text only" file so it is very small (2KB) in size. To download this file just... CLICK HERE

This website started as a simple tribute my great-grandfathers and has grown into what it is today because of the efforts of many people. My cousin Virgil Roberts, Ron Skellie, Mitch Sanders and George Purvis have been the main contributors and they deserve far more praise than me. There have been many descendants and relatives of the men of the 7th Mississippi who provided information, pics, letters and so forth. To each and everyone I extend on my behalf and on behalf of all the descendents, our sincere thanks...

Lest We Forget