Painting of Stephen Pittman
7th Mississippi Infantry descendent Tina Loris has given us permission to use this painting of her Great-great-grandfather Stephen Pittman. The painting is an artist rendering by Wallace Reeves in Pascagoula MS from the original photograph furnished by and paid for by Tina and Jeff Loris.

Wallace Reeves Photography
1611 Ingalls Avenue
Pascagoula, MS


Stephen D. Pittman was born April 05, 1835 in Marion County, Mississippi and was the 10th child of John Pittman and Susanna Ward of North Carolina. Stephen married Mary A. "Polly" Powell, daughter of Tercel and Sarah Powell of North Carolina and together they had eight children. When the war came he enlisted in Company F of the 7th Mississippi Infantry on August 10, 1861, in Columbia, Marion County, Mississippi. From that date until Dec. 31, 1862, Stephen is listed as present. From Dec. 31, 1862 until March of 1863, he is listed in the hospital recovering from a wound described as "slight." Stephen was wounded at Murfreesboro in the "First charge 400 yards in front of breastworks." From March of 1863 until January of 1864 his roll cards show he was present. In January of 1864 Stephen reenlisted "for the war."

On September 8, 1864, Stephen was admitted to the Ocmulgee Hospital at Macon, Georgia. He had received a gunshot would to the right thigh resulting in the amputation of his right leg near his body. He had lay on the battlefield for one and one-half days after he was shot, and all he had with him was his napsack. He had been left for dead by his Company.

In his pension application Stephen states he was wounded August 31, 1864, in the Battle of Jonesboro, Georgia. His first pension application was awarded for $100 per year in August of 1900. He also posted an add in the Atlanta, Georgia newspaper on May 3, 1897 trying to locate a little girl who had carried milk to him in a silver pitcher while he was in the hospital. One of eight (8) Pittman brothers who volunteered at the same time, Stephen died December 17, 1917 in Marion County, Mississippi. He is buried in Lott Cemetery in the New Hope Community of Marion County, Mississippi.


The flag Stephen is holding in the picture is reported to be hand made by him. The names on the flag are all members of Company F, 7th Mississippi Infantry. They are, as you look at the picture...

Right Panel:
Charles Bullock, brother-in_law, wounded at the Battle of Shiloh and who died May 28, 1862 at Summit, Mississippi from these wounds.
Richard B. Pittman, brother, killed in the Battle of Chickamauga, Sept 20, 1863.

Bottom Panel:
James Pittman, brother, went to Co. I, 3rd Mississippi. Wounded and captured in the retreat from Franklin, Tenn.
Stephen D. Pittman (See bio this page).
Jesse Pittman, brother, went to Co I, 3rd Mississippi Infantry.

Left Panel:
Enoch Pittman, brother, died May 04, 1862, at the C.S.A. Hospital, Oxford, Mississippi.
Daniel Pittman, brother, went to Co. I, 3rd Mississippi, died July 24, 1863.

Top Panel:
Jesse Lott, his sister, Julie Ann Lott, married Noah William Pittman. Noah William, Stephen's brother, served in 2nd Regt. Miss. State Troops (Quinns)

NOTE FROM GEORGE PURVIS: "Not shown on the flag, and I have not been able to understand the reason why, is Charles Calvin Pittman, Stephen Pittman's brother who died at the CSA Hospital, Oxford, Mississippi on May 08, 1862. Surely Stephen did not forget about his brother dying".


7th Mississippi descendent Jerry Pittman has been kind enough to help us get this painting of his ancestor, Stephen B. Pittman, of Company F. The original is owned by Tina Loris whom we thank for allowing us to post it here.

We also wish to say thanks as well as stating our gratitude to the entire Pittman family and to 7th Mississippi researcher and Pittman descendent George Purvis.

Thanks also goes to Mr. Wallace Reeves for giving us permission to use his work on this page. His contact information can be found below. We highly recommend his services.

Wallace Reeves Photography
1611 Ingalls Avenue
Pascagoula, MS 39567

Sketch of the Pittman brothers

Scan of sketch courtesy of George Purvis from
"The Descendants of Captain Thomas Pittman"
by James Calvin "J. C." Pittman Sr.

Pittman Memorial Markers
On July 1, 2006 at the Old Pittman Cemetery in Walthall County, Mississippi memorial services were held to dedicate five new markers for Charles, Daniel, Enoch, James and Richard Pittman. See the above notes on the flag or our "Gravesites" section for more complete burial details. The Pittman family turned out in force to honor their ancestors and SCV Camps from two states were represented. Vistors came from as far west as Louisiana and as far east as the Carolinas. May God bless the memory of these men!

Pittman Memorial Markers
Virgil Roberts performs the Last Libation, a toast to honor the men who gave their all. May they truly live forever!