7th Miss. Veterans at Beauvoir

This page shows the list of the members of the 7th Mississippi that were residents of Beauvoir Retirement Home. Beauvoir was the last home of President Jefferson Davis and later served as a hospital and retirement center for Confederate veterans. To learn more about Beauvoir visit their website.

Beauvoir Confederate Retirement Home
Jefferson Davis Home

  • Cotton, Thomas S.
    Capt. Co. A 7th MISS Inf.

  • Higginbotham, W. S.
    Co A MISS 7th Miss. Inf.
    died 09/03/1918 buried at Beauvoir

  • Mc Daniel, W. B.
    Co. B 7th MISS. Inf.
    died 05/12/1923

  • Prestridge, Z.
    Co. B 7th MISS. Inf.

  • Johns, John R.
    Co. C. 7th MISS. Inf.
    died 12/03/1921

  • Evans, Thomas A. Pvt.
    Co. D 7th MISS. Inf.
    died 05/03/1932
    buried at Beauvoir

  • Gardner, Franklin P.
    Co. E 7th MISS. Inf.
    died 08/27/1926
    buried at Beauvoir

  • Havis, Julius T. Crpl.
    Co. E 7th MISS. Inf.
    died 04/12/1922
    buried at Beauvoir

  • Mitchell, W.M.
    Co. E 7th MISS. Inf.

  • Wright, Thomas A.
    Co. E 7th MISS. Inf.
    died 09/10/1925 buried at Beauvoir

  • Gunter, Charles M. Pvt.
    Co. F 7th MISS. Inf.
    died 06/11/1928 buried at Beauvoir

  • Tyrone, Parkman
    Co. G 7th MISS. Inf.

  • Dyess, J.W.
    Co. I 7th MISS. Inf.
    died 08/06/1918

  • Mobley, Isaac H.
    Co. I 7th MISS. Inf.
    died 08/12/1928
    buried at Beauvoir

  • Gardner, Henry O.
    Co. K 7th MISS. Inf.
    died 02/16/1923

  • Sterling, J.N.
    Co. K 7th MISS. Inf.
    died 05/27/1922

  • Bales, J. A.
    7th MISS,

  • Dandridge, Powhattan Bowling, DR.
    3rd & 7th MISS. Inf.
    died 02/13/1919
    buried at Beauvoir

  • Ham, L. A.
    Co. M (? obvious error) 7th MISS. Inf.
    died 11/08/1931
    buried at Beauvoir

  • Prestridge, W.P.
    7th MISS. Inf.