Lest We Forget
The Immortal Seventh Mississippi

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The two-volume set of the Regimental History of the 7th Mississippi "Lest We Forget-The Immortal Seventh Mississippi, is now available for purchase. To order send an email or call to reserve your copy so we will place an order to the publisher. Your investment will be $49.79 plus $6.00 shipping per set (total $55.79/set).

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Ron Skellie book signing
Ron Skellie (center) pictured at a book signing assisted by his twin cousins, Kenny Skellie and Denny Skellie. Everybody is chipping in and helping tell the story of the Immortal 7th Mississippi.

From the back cover...

A truly riveting story of the men of “the Immortal Seventh Mississippi” told through their own letters, diaries, and family histories as they fought in the Army of Tennessee from Shiloh to the Carolinas as part of the "Mississippi High Pressure Brigade".

The story is told chronologically from their muster as independent companies from Southwest Mississippi counties as the 7th Mississippi Volunteers, their training in camps of instruction at Pass Christian, Shieldsboro, and Ocean Springs on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, and their enlistment for the war with the 7th Regiment Mississippi Infantry in the fall of 1861 through their ultimate surrender in North Carolina in 1865. Over 1400 men have been identified as members of the 7th Mississippi and only 74 surrendered in North Carolina.

Most of their story is told in the words of these men and their families with editor's notes to better identify the letter writers and members of the regiment in the correspondence. The writers range from educated and articulate officers to men who were only able to spell using phonics or who had their educated "messmates" capture their thoughts on paper for them. Starting with the fall of Atlanta, most sources are from men in other units in the “High Pressure Brigade” and post war accounts since no official records exist after the August 1864 Muster roll.

Collecting and organizing their stories of bravery, love, fear, humor, determination, tragedy, death, and survival fell to a great-great-grandson, cousin, and nephew of one of their messmates in the Mississippi "High Pressure Brigade". Ron Skellie, editor and unofficial historian for the “Immortal Seventh Mississippi”, has gathered records from the families and friends of these men and describes the relationships they held dear and for whom they were willing to give their full measure to protect. These relationships were not only close family, but included distant relatives, neighbors, and acquaintances back home who were all referred to as their "connections".