The two bullets in the picture below were recovered from beneath the bridge at Bridgeport Tennessee. They are field cast Enfields, .557 caliber, which were common to the Army of Tennessee. They were cast in a mold called a "Pritchett".

With bullets like this available for purchase for about a dollar at countless souvenier stands you might ask why I put their picture on this page. The reason is clear. If you read my great-grandfathers diary page you will see he mentions standing guard on this very bridge. While the odds are astronomical of them belonging to my great-grandfather they mean a lot to me. Some Confederate soldier, maybe him, left them behind. They are a tangible reminder of the war, and of the fact these were living, breathing members of our families.

Bullets recovered by and generously given to me by
Tommy "PoP" Aaron of "PoPcoRn's Civil War".

Thanks to my nephew Matt Roberts and my
brother John Roberts for the scanner work.