Elijah Burt
Pvt. Elijah Burt

Biography and photo provided by:
April Dianne Gonzales Barr
Bossier City, LA

Elijah Burt
Born Aug 1825
Marion County, Mississippi
Died 28 April 1912
Buried: Bay Creek Baptist Church Cemetery,
Lamar County, Mississippi

Elijah Burt was born from the marriage of Christopher Burt, Sr. and Sarah Ann Temple. Other children born of this union were Sarah Ann who married William Jenkins, Mary Polly who married Burwell Smith Brakefield, Amy who married Benjamin J. Cook, Martha who married Peter F. Farmer, Caroline who married Robert C. Windham, Elizabeth who married Henry H. Cook, Salina who married Cullen Aultman, Lucinda Ann who married Thomas J. Aultman, Christopher who married Almeda Watts, and Katherine.

Elijah served with the 7th Mississippi Infantry. He and his best friend Ransome Fillingame, thought they could whip the lot of ‘em by themselves, as the story was told, as so they said good-bye to Ransome’s wife Caroline Whiddon Fillingame and the two Fillingame boys Jim and John. Elijah travled down to Bay St. Louis and enlisted there on 5th of October 1861 as a Private. He served with the 7th until, he fell ill on 27th of May 1862 and went to the hospital. As he was recuperating, he found Ransome was there, he was mortally wounded. As he lay dying he told Elijah to go back and tell Caroline that he loved her and asked Elijah to take of her. Ransome then died on the 2nd of June 1862.

Elijah re-joined his unit and continued to fight. Then during the battle of Murfreesboro, Tennessee on the 31st of Dec, 1862; Elijah was slightly wounded in the shoulder. He was wounded in the 1st charge 300 yards in front the main breastworks. During this time, as it was told down through the family, he traveled by night making his way back to Caroline’s home. During the day he would lay low, and put mud packs on his shoulder to keep off the flies. He finally made it back to Caroline and as she nursed him back to health he told her the ill-fated news about her husband. During this time, apparently the beginning of some tender attachment was made.

He regained his health and re-joined his unit for the payroll of Feb 1863. He once again continued to serve with his unit, and was wounded again during the battle of Resacca, Georgia on 14th of May 1864 and was sent to the hospital. He was there with the unit for the surrender on 26th of April 1865. This unit mustered in with 911 men and officers, and at the surrender only 74 men were left, of which Elijah was one.

Elijah came home and married Caroline Whiddon Fillingame on 20 September 1866, and had two more children. Sarah Ann Burt, born 30 Nov 1869 and George Washington Burt, born 15 July 1872. Sarah married John Ebenezer Davis, and these two are my great-great grandparents. I am very thankful and proud of the service and sacrifice of my forbearers and hope that future generations will look with a tender eye of scrutiny upon the life and times of those that came before.