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  • Most of my graphics I made myself. Some images I own such as the pay voucher and railroad currency. Other images are from the Library of Congress, the National Park Service, and other sites stating the images as public domain. Still other were made available for use by this site from ancestors and descendents. Images pointing to other pages are property of the site they link to. Award images and webring graphics belong to the presenters and ringmasters. If I am in any violation please let me know and the situation will be corrected.

  • Most articles were taken from the official records. The diaries and letters were contributed by fellow descendents and researchers. All other text has been properly credited to the best of my knowledge.

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  • If you wish to use an image or text off the site please ask first. The content may not be your webmasters to share. Simply email and ask in advance. I'm not greedy and will be glad to share whatever I can.

  • Our guestbook has lead many descendents and even long lost relatives to locate each other. Please post comments or suggestions freely but please use proper net ettiquette. Any obscene or threatening entries left in the guestbook will be deleted upon the first posting of that type message. A second posting of obscene or threatening topics in the guestbook and the ISP of the poster will be notified.

Site Credits

When I started this website I obtained all my clip art and images from these sites. While I now use very little clip art I am keeping these links for anybody who may need Civil War clip art. If you need a custom made banner for your War Between the States website I'll be glad to help if I can. Just send me an email and let me know what you're looking for.

Civil War Clip Art