7th Regiment Mississippi Infantry
Field & Staff Roster

The following names are taken from the Soldiers of the Confederate Army of Mississippi by Dunbar Rowland and from OR SUPPLEMENT-Records of Events(Mississippi Troops-Confederate) Vol. 33., pp. 72-76.

BOLD (Killed or died in Service)
* Not sure if 7th Regt. Inf.

  • Bishop, William H. Co. F 1st Lt.-Colonel [William Harrison Bishop, Col.]

  • Buckley, Martin: Co G 1st Sgt.

  • Buie, William H. Co. A Surgeon (Elected 9-27-61)[r. Dec. 1, 1862]

  • Burdett. T. A. Co. G Sgt. Major/Adjutant [Burditt, T. A. r. Aug. 21, 1862]

  • Carruth, Edward B. Co. C Pvt./A.S.C. (Elected 9-27-61)[Carruth, E.B., A.C.S, dropped Aug. 1, 1863]

  • Carter, R. S. Co. B Capt./Major [Robert S. Carter, Lt. Col.]

  • Cohen, L. H. Asst. Surgeon

  • Davis, Seaborn Co D Pvt.

  • [Flowers, J. W. Chap.] See Thomas W. Flowers

  • Flowers, Thomas W. Co. E Pvt. Chaplain [see J. W. Flowers]

  • Ford, Joseph M. Co. F Sgt./ Q.M. S.

  • Freeman, Hal 3rd Drummer

  • Goode, Elias J. (Enos) Co. G. Capt./Col.

  • Graves, A.B. Co. G Corp./ Sgt.

  • Grigsby, E. O. Co. A Asst. Surgeon (Appt.8-25-62)(See 9th Miss. Inf, 44th Miss. Inf., 9th Battn. Miss S.S.) (See Edward O. Grigsby 10th Miss. Inf. And Woods Conf. Cav.)

  • Harrington, B. F. 1 Drummer

  • *Harris, S. D. Co. A Captain

  • [Herrington, P. C., Adj.]

  • [Hudnall, A., A.S.] See E. Hudnall

  • Hudnall, Ezekeil T. Co. F 3rd lt./Sr. 2nd lt. [See A. Hudnall]

  • Hurd, Pinneo Co. C Pvt. Sgt. Major

  • Johns, Benjamin F. Co. C Capt./ Colonel [Lt. Col.]

  • Mayson, Hamilton Co. D Capt./ Colonel [James Hamilton Mayson]

  • Mills, A. G. Lt. Colonel [Andrew G. Mills-dropped August 2, 186_] (1862-RJS)

  • [Nunnery, W.J., Ens. Died] {Killed July 22, 1864 at Battle of Atlanta}

  • [Perry, A. W., A.S]

  • [Pope, Henry, Maj.](Elected 9-27-62)

  • [Johnson, William, Chap., r.]

  • [Riggs, Benjamin H., A.S.] Appointed 10-26-61

  • [Turner, Thomas, A.S.]

  • [Rumble, R.E., A. Q. M.] (S.E. Rumble) [

  • Thornhill, J.M., A.S. r. June 14, 1862] also [W.L. Thornhill, A.S. r. June 14, 1862]

  • [Thornhill, W.L., A.S. r. June 14, 1862] also [Thornhill, J.M., A.S. r. June 14, 1862]

    7th Mississippi Infantry (Staff Rolls)

    Compiled by Ron Skellie from the Rolls of Mississippi Confederate Soldiers 1861-1865 Infantry by Dunbar Rowland, LL.D. which was compiled from official rolls on file in the Mississippi Archives 1915.



  • Bishop, William H. Co. F E-5-8-62
  • Goode, Elias, J. (Enos) Co. G
  • Johns, Benjamin F. Co. C
  • Mayson, Hamilton Co. D.
  • Mills, A. G.

    Lt. Colonels:

  • Johns, Benjamin F. E-9-5-62
  • Mills, A.G.


  • Carter, R. S. Co. B
  • Pope, Henry Co. D E-9-27-62


  • Atkinson, James N. Co. F P-6-20-62
  • Barringer, W. E.
  • Blount, A. N. Co. B
  • Brister, J. M. Co. B P-9-27-62
  • Burch, Stanton D. Co. E (E-5-12-62)(See 9th Miss. Inf.)(See also D. Stanton Burch)
  • Cannon, James M. Co. G
  • Carter, R.S. Co.B
  • Cotton, T.S
  • Davis, Adolphus Fredrick Co. K
  • Fairly, John T.
  • Fowlkes, Henry H. Co. B
  • Goode, Elias, J. (Enos) Co. G
  • Harris, S. D. Co. A
  • Huff, N. L. Co. K
  • Johns, Benjamin F. Co. C
  • Mayson, Hamilton Co. D
  • McDowell, Russell D. Co. C P-8-20-62
  • McGehee, John L. Co. C E-8-23-62
  • Parker, Daniel H. Co. E (See H. Parker/Henderson Parker)
  • Pemble, Robert J. Co. C
  • Porter, William M. Co. A E-5-12-62
  • Rankin, William J. Co. F
  • Robertson, G. A. Co. G E-5-12-62
  • Rumble, S. E. (A.Q.M) Co. A
  • Sessions, J. F. Co. K
  • Scruggs, J. M Co. H A-6-20-62
  • Thorton, John F. Co. H
  • Williams, Parham B. Co. H


  • Cathorn, Elias Co. H
  • Nunnery, William J. Co. C


  • Flowers, Thomas, W. Co. E

    From the Stevens research provided by Jackie Scarborough to Ron Skellie

    In Miss. Archives Series L Vol 8 & 9
    Covington Rifles-Excellent record-Stevens

    7th & 9th Miss. Vols

  • WH Bishop Col. 5/8/63 Elected

  • BF Johns-Lt Col. 9/5/62

  • Henry Pope Major 9/27/62

  • WE Buie Surgeon 9/27/61 Elected

  • ____ Grigsby Asst Surgeon 8/25/62 Appointed

  • EB Carruth Capt ACS 9/27/61 Elected

  • SE Rumble Capt AQM Elected

  • Co I JT Fairly Capt (DATE) Elected

  • Co A William M. Porter Capt 5-12-62 Elected

  • Co K JF Sessions Capt Elected 5-12-62 Res. Nov 25, 1862

  • Co E D.S. Burch Capt 5-12-62 Elected

  • Co G GA Robertson Capt 5-12-62 Elected

  • Co. H J.M. Scruggs Capt6-20-62 Appointed

  • Co F J.N. Atkinson Capt 6-28-62 Promoted

  • Co C RD McDowell 8-20-62 Promoted

  • Co B J.M. Brister 9-27-62 Promoted

  • Co D W.T. Webb 12-1-62 Promoted

  • Co I W.H Galloway 1st Lt 5-12-62 Elected

  • Co D WT Webb 1st Lt 5-12-62 Elected

  • Co G WL Mikell

  • Co A T.S. Cotton

  • Co E JA Lee

  • Co F G.W. Imes 8-16-62 Promoted

  • Co C RJ Pemble 1st Lt 8-20-62 Promoted

  • Co H J.J. Thornton 9-3-62 Promoted

  • Co B HH Fowlkes 9-27-62 Prtomoted

  • Co F ET Hudnall 2nd Lt July 17, 1861 Elected

  • Co I DC McRaney 5-12-62 Elected

  • Co K AF Davis

  • Co G JD Cooper

  • Co D SE Rankin

  • Co E H.J.Mc. Harrigill 2nd Lt 6-26-62 Appointed

  • Co C SC Webb 2nd Lt 8-14-62 Elected

  • Co K HC Dillon

  • Co F Jno Magee

  • Co E I.L. Havis

  • Co I Peter Fairly 8-17-62 Elected

  • Co G C.E. Tennison 2nd Lt 8-18-62 Elected

  • Co ? Jno L McGehee 2nd Lt 8-23-62 Elected

  • Co A Wm Coppen [Cotton] 2nd Lt 8-24-62

  • Co H. P.L. Redwine [Reburne] 2nd Lt 8-26-62 Elected

  • Co D Jno Thompson 2nd Lt 8-28-62 Elected

  • BH Riggs Asst Surgeon 10-26-61 Appointed