Letter To Home
William C. Murphy
Company F

Descendent Eileen Murphy Shannon of Macon, Georgia has been kind enough to provide us with a copy of her 7th Mississippi ancestor's letter to home which still survives. It was written shortly before the regiment was called away from their duty of coastal defense at Bay St. Louis, Mississippi and added to the Army of Tennessee. Within two months they would be on their way to history in the campaign of which culminated at the bloody Battle of Shiloh.

Our thanks and gratitude go out to Ms. Shannon for sharing this with us. Should you wish to contact her just click on her name above to email her.

Bay St Louis
Dec 20, 1861

Dear Elizabeth:

I seat myself once more to write you a few lines which I hope may find you and the children well. I can say to you that I am well at this time. I received a letter from you dated the 8th of December which I was truly glad to get, but you didn't give me any word of the thing I most wanted to know, that was if you got your shoes or not, and if you have not, then send me your measure and I will try to get them here.

We all have got our money and anything we get here we have to pay double price for it. Wood pork is selling for one bit a pound and the chickens goes like hot cake, at 50 cents per head. The molasses that I wrote you about, I started them up this morning on Ebenezer Stuarts wagon and you must try to get Howard to go to his house after them. I also sent two hats for the boys. I have got a big oven but I can not do with it now. I have got about 25 or 30 dollars in money at this time, and if you have a chance to send down, I will send you anything you may send for. I am very tired of this place and it would be greatest pleasure in the world if I could go home and stay there. I looked in every store here for cotton cards and there is none here. You must write every week or two and I will go home when I can. No person can get a furlough now. We have heard lately there are three thousand yankees on Ship Island and I expect we will be kept here closer than ever for the next few months. You must attend to the hogs good. Tell Ira he must call them up and feed them once or twice a week. And you must write me how you are getting along with the old fence. We have heard some good news lately. We heard another company was sent again to assist us with the job if that be the case. You must write and tell me all the news and get the molasses as soon as you can, when Stuart=s wagon gets home. Nothing more but your husband until death.

William Murphy
7th Miss Inf