7th Regiment Mississippi Infantry

The individual images posted below are presented in alphabetical order. Some of the pictures are in excellent shape and some have been ravaged by time. A few are wartime images of a soldier in uniform but most seem to be post-war era. We have also cropped some of the men's images from family and group type photos. Even old newspapers have been scanned for some pics. The images were "framed" by your webmaster. It is our hope and desire to put faces with the names of the men as often as possible and it is our intention to honor their service and memory.

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William J. Bass
Sgt. William J. Bass
Company G - 7th. Regiment
Company C - 11th./17th. Arkansas Mounted Infantry
Born: 10/8/1843, Mount Carmel, Covington County, MS
Died: 10/19/1916, Hattiesburg, Forrest County, MS
Note: Also served briefly with the 38th. Miss. Cavalry and in the Conscript Office at Mount Carmel, MS.
Buried: Oaklawn Cemetery, Hattiesburg, Forrest County, MS
James Ellison Bates
Lt. James Ellison Bates
Company C
Born: 04/03/1823 Amite County, Ms.
Died: 03/17/1898, Amite County, Ms.
Buried; Richard Bates Cemetery, Amite County, Ms.
Robert C. Bethea
Lt. Robert C. Bethea
Company E
Born: 12/15/1832
Died: 12/11/1913
Buried: Woodlawn Cemetery, Summit, Pike Co., Ms.
Pvt. Albert Lanier Buckley
Pvt. Albert Lanier Buckley
Company G 7th Regiment Mississippi Infantry
Company A 2nd. Regiment(Quinn's) Miss. Inf. (State Troops)
Born: 03/23/1822 Lawrence County, Ms.
Died: 10/14/1909 in Cherokee County, Tx.
Buried: West Shady Grove Cemetery, Cherokee County, Tx.
Elijah Burt
Pvt. Elijah Burt
Company D
Born: August 1825, Marion County, Mississippi.
Died: April 28, 1912
Buried; Bay Creek Baptist Church Cemetery, Lamar County, MS

SOURCE: Descendent April Dianne Gonzales Barr

Pvt. Young Poindexter Butler
Pvt. Young Poindexter Butler
Company C
Born: 01/13/1841
Died: 05/07/1862 of Disease
Buried: Butler Short Cememetery, Amite County, Ms.
John King Byrd
Pvt. John King Byrd Sr.
Company I
Born: 12/24/1832 Mississippi
Died: 07/26/1905 Covington County, Ms.
Buried: Rock Hill Baptist Church Cemetery, Covington County, MS
William T. Calvert
Pvt. William T. Calvert Jr.
Company A
NOTE: Killed in the first charge at Murfreesboro/Stones River
Benjamin Franklin Campbell
Pvt. Benjamin Franklin Campbell
Company D
Born: Feb. 22, 1825 Lenoir, North Carolina
Died: Apr 16, 1899
Buried: Union Hall Cemetery, Brookhaven, Lincoln Co. Miss.
Marshall Bryant Carraway
Pvt. Marshll Bryant Carraway
Company A
Born: 02/11/1837 Amite County MS.
Died: 06/23/1896
Buried: Adams Methodist Church Cemetery, Auburn, Lincoln County, Mississippi
Edward Brady Carruth
Major Edward Brady Carruth Sr.
Acting Commissary of Subsistence
Company C
Born: 9/16/1831 Pike County, Ms.
Died: 11/13/1913 Austin, Travis County, Tx.
Buried: Oakwood Cemetery, Austin, Travis County, Tx.
Richard Rodgers Chaddick
Pvt. Richard Rodgers Chaddick
Chaddick, Richard R. Pvt. Company C
Born: 1832, Amite County, Ms.
Died: 05/03/1900 Turkey Creek, La.
Buried: Chaney cemetery, Bayou Chicot, La.
John Daniel Cooper
Lt. John Daniel Cooper
Company G
Born: 1828(Age 32 in 1860 census) Lawrence County, Ms.
Died: 10/04/1864 in CSA Hospital, Macon, Ga.
Buried: Old Cemetery, Macon, Bibb County, Ga.
Thomas Samuel Cooton
Captain Thomas Samuel Cotten
Company A
NOTE: Grave registration info is from the MDAH
Buried: Grave #1, Lot #7 W/2, Block 3. Cedarlawn Cemetery, Jackson MS.

Source: Reggie Duncan

Thomas Wesley Cupit
Corporal Thomas Wesly Cupit
Company E
Born: 10/19/1827
Died: August 1887 Pelican, La.
Buried: Old Friendship Church Cemetery, Grand Cane, La.

Source: Descendent Shane Prather

Augaustus Fred Davis
Capt. Augustus Fred Davis
Company K
Born: 07/30/1840
Died: 04/22/1897
Buried: Roxie Town (a.k.a. Union Baptist Church) Cemetery, Roxie Town, Franklin County, Ms
David Davis
Pvt. David Davis
Company F
Born: 1830 Marion County, Ms.
Died: 1909 Marion County, Ms.
Buried: Clear Creek Church Cemetery, Marion County, Ms.
IOverson Day
Pvt. Iverson Day
Company K
Born: 09/17/1837 Amite Co. Miss.
Died: 05/30/1893
Note: Married Catherine Ann Causey 5/7/1849 - 5/30/1938
Source: Alton Boyd
Buried: Hoff-Roberts Cemetery, Amite county, Ms.
Jeptha Forbes
Pvt. Jeptha Norton Forbes
Companies D & F
Born: 1/5/1841 Mississippi
Died: 4/16/1929 in Ardmore, Carter, Ok.
Buried: Lakeview Cemetery, Love County, Oklahoma
William James Ford
Pvt. William James Ford
Company I
Born: March 4, 1843
Died: February 17, 1917
Buried: John Ford Cemetery, South of Columbia, MS.

Note: Image courtesy of Mrs. Annelle Saucier. To view the original full size color image CLICK HERE

Eaphraim James Forman
Pvt. Eaphraim James Forman
Company C
Born: June 1839, Amite County, Ms.
Buried: Talbert Cemetery, Amite County, Ms.
Edward James Forman
Pvt. Edward James Forman Jr.
Company K
Born: 1843
Died 08/10/1914 or 1922
Buried Talbert Cemetery, Amite, Miss.
Source: Richard Forman
Pvt. Willis Jackson Fortenberry
Pvt. Willis Jackson Fortenberry
Company F
Born: 02/27/1838 Pike County, MS.
Died: 4/11/1911 in Pike County, Ms.
Buried: Old Pittman Cemetery, Walthall County, Ms.

Source: Joe and Ann Fortenberry, Tylertown, MS.

Job Foxworth
Lt. Jobe/Jobias Mathis Foxworth
Company D
Born: 4/19/1841 Marion County, Ms.
Died: 2/28/1916 Marion County, Ms.
Buried: Hopewell Methodist Church Cemetery, Marion County, Ms.
Revena Gillespie Garner
Pvt. Revena Gillespie Garner
Company I
Spouse: Rebecca Roberts
Born: 6/2/1846 Covington County, Ms.
Died: 3/27/1920 Jefferson Davis County, Ms.
Buried: Mt. Zion Methodist Church Cemetery, Jefferson Davis County, Ms.
Dr. Edward Olender Grigsby
Dr. Edward Olender Grigsby
Company A 7th Mississippi Infantry
NOTE: In the 7th, 9th, 44th, 9th Batt. Sharpshooters, and 10th Miss. he is listed as Field &Staff and as Asst. Surgeon.: Source: Gary Telfordbr> Born: 3/18/1832 Madison County, MS.
Died: 5/17/1899 DeView, Woodruff Co., Arkansas
Headstone Photo: CLICK HERE TO VIEW
Photo courtesy of Frances Muller
Buried : Oddfellows Cemetery, McCrory, Woodruff Co. Arkansas
John Franklin Gunter
Pvt. John Franklin Gunter
Company A 7th Mississippi Infantry
Company K 44th Mississippi Infantry
Died: 04/01/1940
Buried Historic Elmwood Cemetary, Memphis, Tennessee
Britton Hall
Lt. Britton Hall
Company B
Born: Before 1899 Louisiana
Died: 07/16/1899 Mississipi
Buried: Brister graveyard, Lincoln County, MS.
Julius Thomas Havis
Sgt. Julius Thomas Havis
Company E
Born:: 08/11/1841 Meadville, Franklin County, Ms.
Died: 04/12/1922 Mobile, Mobile County, Alabama
Buried: Beauvoir Cemetery, Biloxi, Harrison County, MS
Newton Lawrence Huff
Capt. Newton Lawrence Huff
Company K
Born: 1/23/1818
Died: 07/01/1866
NOTE: Military Memorial Marker: Marvin Huff Cemetery, Amite County, Ms.
NOTE: Civilian Marker: Zion Hill Cemetery
Buried: Meadville/Shurtliff Cemetery, Meadville, Franklin County, Ms.
Benjamin Franklin Johns
Lt. Col. Benjamin Franklin Johns
Company C
Born: 03/09/1830 Gloster, Amite County, Mississippi
Died: 12/31/1907
Buried: Roseland Cemetery, Gloster, Amite County, Mississippi
George Sylvester Lea
Pvt. George Sylvester Lea
Company C
Note: 4th Corporal Co. E 22nd Mississippi Infantry
Born: 06/26/1836 Amite County, Mississippi
Died: 11/30/1864 Battle of Franklin
Buried: Amite County, Mississippi

Source: Joseph Abbott

Frank J. Leonard
Pvt. Frank J. Leonard
Company G
Born: February 1846 in Ireland
Died: (Date Unknown) in Lawrence County, Ms.
Buried: Arm Cemetery, Arm, Lawrence County, Ms.
Zachariah Frederick Lofton
Zachariah Frederick Lofton
Company E
Born: January 1841 McCall Creek, Franklin Co, Ms.
Died: 11/25/1915 Franklin Co, Ms.
Note: Brother to Pvt. Perry Lofton of Co. E
Note: Was a Baptist Minister
Source: Eric Lofton
Buried: Ramah Baptist Church Cemetery, Franklin Co, Ms
Hamilton Mayson
Col. Hamilton Mayson
Company D
Born: 06/06/1833
Died: 10/08/1869
Buried: Greenwood Cemetary, Jackson, Mississippi.
Joseph J. McCaa
Private Joseph J. McCaa
Company E
Note: Brother to Charles McCaa, Company E.
Born: January 23, 1842, Franklin County, MS.
Death: Nov 28, 1926
Buried: Cool Springs Methodist Church Cemetery, Franklin Co. MS

Source: Leon McCaa; Great-nephew

Cpl. Samuel M. McClelland
Company F & G

Pvt. William J. McClelland
Company F
NOTE: Killed in action at Shiloh

NOTE: Brothers

William Harrison Moak
Pvt. William Harrison Moak
Company B
Born: 04/19/1841
Died: 04/29/1901
Note: 1st cousin to William A. Moak, Company B
Note: Photo Coutesy of Miss Bonnie Cole
Source: T. Anna Fuller
Buried: Siloam Baptist Church Cemetery, Franklin County, MS.
David Nunnery
Pvt. David Nunnery
Company C 7th Regiment Mississippi Infantry
Company A 9th Regiment Mississippi Infantry
Born: 03/11/1839 Amite County, Ms.
Died: 08/07/1906 Amite County, Ms.
Buried: John H. Nunnery Cemetery, Amite County, Ms. (AKA New Zion Baptist Church Cemetery)
James Henderson Parker
Pvt. James Henderson Parker
Company K
NOTE: Transferred to 9th Battalion Mississippi Sharp-shooters
NOTE: Drew Confederate soldier's pension
Charles Pittman
Pvt. Charles Calvin Pittman
Company F
Died: 05/08/1862
Buried: Oxford, Mississippi
Daniel Pittman
Pvt. Daniel Pittman
Company F
Enoch Pittman
Pvt. Enoch W. Pittman
Company F
Died: 05/04/1862
Buried: Oxford, Mississippi
Jesse Pittman
Pvt. Jesse R. B. Pittman
Company F
Buried Shiloh Baptist Church, Marion County, Miss.
John A. Pittman
Sgt. John A. "Snap" Pittman
Company D 7th Mississippi Infantry
Pvt. Company C 21st Mississippi Infantry
Born: November 2, 1836 Marion County, Ms.
Died: 1904
Buried: Pope Cemetery, North Columbia, Marion County, Ms.
Richard B. Pittman
Pvt. Richard B. Pittman
Company F
NOTE:K.I.A. Chickamauga, Sept 20, 1863
Buried: Possibly Marietta, Georgia unmarked grave
Stephen Pittman
Pvt. Stephen D. Pittman
Company F
Born: 4/5/1835 Marion County, Ms.
Died: 12/17/1917 Marion County, Ms.
Buried: Lott Memorial (AKA Lott) Cemetery, New Hope, Marion Co., Ms.
James Madison Polk
Pvt. James Madison Polk
Company I
Born: May 5, 1840, Lawrence County, MS
Died: September 29, 1914, Jefferson Davis County, MS
Buried: Stewart Cemetery, Jefferson Davis County, MS, approx. 2 miles behind Phalti Baptist Church
Pvt. William "Red Bill" Price
Company B
Born: October 19, 1837
Died: May 21, 1924
Note: Cousin to Thomas Jefferson Price and Henry H. Price. Wounded at Murfreesboro and in the Atlanta Campaign.

Photo property and courtesy of
Miss Bonnie Lou Cole

William Jefferson Proby
Capt. William Jefferson Proby
Company A
Killed in Action: Battle of Ezra Church
Samuel Edward Rankin
1st Lt. Samuel Edward Rankin
Company D
Born: 8/5/1839 Marion County, Ms.
Died: 1913 Marion County, Ms.
Note: Son of Wm. Milton Rankin & Martha Jane Warren
Buried: Warren Cemetery, Marion County, Ms.

Source: Chris Watts

Jesse Monroe Rials
Pvt. Jesse Monroe Rials
Company D - 7th. Miss.
Company B - 24th. Battalion Miss. Cavalry (Moorman's)
Born: 2/2/1844 Lawrence County, MS
Died: 11/11/1931 Lincoln County, MS
Headstone Photo:CLICK HERE TO VIEW
Buried: Union Baptist Church Cemetery, Lincoln County, MS.
Photo Source: Bobbie Wroten Leggett
John Franklin Roberts
Pvt. John Franklin Roberts
Company C
Born: 01/06/1828
Died: 11/29/1903
Buried: Turkey Creek Cemetary, Turkey Creek, La.
Stephan Edgar Rumble
Captain Stephan Edgar Rumble
Acting Quatermaster
Company: Field & Staff
Born: 2/22/1837 in Virginia
Died: 7/6/1913 Natchez, Adams County, Ms.
Buried: Natchez City Cemetery, Natchez, Adams County, Ms.

Source: Allen Terrell

Pvt. Samuel Slade
Company C 7th Mississippi Infantry
9th Battalion, Mississippi Sharp Shooters
Born: 06/19/1843 Marion Co, MS.
Died: 06/23/1933
Buried: Slade Cemetery, Lamar Co, MS
Cicero C. Smith
Pvt. Cicero C. Smith
Company C
Born: 09/16/1844
Died: 09/23/1922
Buried: Steele Cem., Amite County, Mississippi
Pvt. Ebenezer Prentiss Stewart
Company F
Born: 09/12/1839 Marion County, Ms.
Died: 08/08/1920 Pearl River County, Ms.
Buried: Pearson Cemetery, Pearl River County, Ms.
William Calvert Stewart
Pvt. William Calvin Stewart
Company H
Born: 1845
Died: 1923
Leonard Sylvester Strait
Pvt. Leonard Sylvester Strait
Company A
Born: 1/6/1845 Franklin County, Ms.
Died: 10/27/1936 Lincoln County, Ms.
Buried: Rose Hill Cemetery, Brookhaven, Lincoln County, Ms.
Robert Bryce Stuckey
Pvt. Robert Brice Stuckey
Company G
Born: 7/19/1837 Mississippi
Died: 9/18/1917 Rankin County, Ms.
Buried: Mountain Creek Cemetery, Rankin County, Ms.
James Washington Tolar
Pvt. James Washington Tolar
Company G
Born: 5/25/1836 Lawrence County, Ms.
Died: 10/24/1924 Bush, St. Tammany Parish, La.
Buried: Tolar Cemetery, Marion County, Ms.
Bennet Whiddon
Pvt. Bennet / Isaac Benjaman Whiddon
Company F
Born: 11/20/1840, Ms.
Died: 1/17/1895 Marion, now Lamar County, Ms
Note: Listed on rosters as "Bennett" family states name as Isaac Benjaman. Marker reads name as "Benjaman".
Buried: Grantham Cemetery, Lamar County Mississippi.
Garnet B. Whittington
Pvt. Garnett B. Whittington
Company C
Buried: Steele Cem., Amite County, Mississippi
Benjamin F. Wilkinson
Pvt. Benjamin F. Wilkinson
Company C 7th Mississippi Infantry
Company C 9th Battalion Mississippi Sharp-shooters
Born: 02/20/1839
Died: 09/05/1910
Buried: Rowland Wilkinson Cem., Amite county, Mississippi.